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Penguin Valley CBD is a line of the purest, high-quality Hemp manufactured by a vertically integrated, transparent company. All products are custom formulated terpene blends that target specific realms of health and well-being (calm, rest, invigorating, focus, muscle & joint support, and digestive support) at affordable prices.

Our manufacturing company is vertically integrated and transparent, and this means that the entire Hemp production process is readily available from seed to sale of the product. We chose this particular manufacturing business model based on these principles.


The Hemp is organically grown in the US, non-GMO, and is pesticide, chemical, and fertilizer free. The manufacturing facility carries required state licenses and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, ensuring the safety and quality of the product. Every Hemp harvest is cloned from the previous harvest to guarantee each batch is identical to the last, providing consistency.

After harvest, vigorous in-house testing is done before extraction and throughout the production process by ISO (International Standards Organization) Certified labs for verifying quality. This testing also confirms Hemp and THC (< 0.3%, which is federally legal) content along with the absence of heavy metals and pesticides.

The extraction process used for our product is Supercritical CO2 extraction, which uses carbon dioxide under high pressure in an extremely cold environment with no solvents used. This ensures that the CBD oil with minimal THC and maximum phytocannabinoids and terpenes are preserved and maintained for purity throughout the process. Thus, a high-quality product is born.

Third-Party testing is done by an independent, unbiased ISO Certified lab that verifies the quality of our products in compliance with USHA (US Hemp Authority) for safety and legality, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) for safety and quality, and FDA regulations. The resulting COA (Certificate of Analysis) confirms Hemp amount, THC content < 0.3%, which is federally legal and verifies the absence of pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mold, and bacteria.

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Reading this COA (available on our website) ensures complete confidence that our product is quality, clean, safe, and legal.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns through our Penguin Valley CBD website via phone, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. We are here for you. Any comments, reviews, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.