From Seed To Sale

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Product Quality From
Seed to Sale
  • 1 Vertical Integration and Transparency by a manufacturing company means that the company is proud to reveal its' entire process of CBD production from seed to sale. There is nothing to hide.
  • 2 The Hemp should be US grown, Non-GMO, and is a pesticide, fertilizer, and chemical-free. The seed should be cloned from one crop to the next, which guarantees that each batch is identical, leading to the consistency of the CBD.
  • 3 The manufacturer should have required state licenses and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice Certification), which ensures the safety and quality of the product.
  • 4 After harvest, rigorous in-house lab testing should be done before extraction and throughout the production process by ISO (International Standards Organization) certified labs to verify the amount of CBD and THC (must be < 0.3% to be federally legal) and absence of heavy metals and pesticides.
  • 5 The extraction process will be by 1) Solvents (propane or butane) which degrades the cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc.) and terpenes (compounds that give a plant its' aroma and is a main contributor to the entourage effect which is all of the hemp compounds working synergistically to provide greater benefits) leading to an inferior product. 2) Organic Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol (Grain Alcohol), which gives the highest yield of CBD and cannabinoids and is the safest method. 3) Super Critical CO2 Extraction uses Carbon Dioxide under high pressure in an extremely cold environment. This process maintains the CBD purity throughout the process and yields the highest quality CBD.
  • 6 Third-Party Testing is done by an independent, unbiased ISO certified lab that verifies the quality of the CBD product in compliance with USHA (US Hemp Authority), cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice), and FDA regulations. The COA (Certificate of Analysis) confirms CBD and THC (< 0.3% is federally legal) content and verifies the absence of pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mold, and bacteria. Reading this COA ensures complete confidence that the product is quality, clean, safe, and legal. Penguin Valley CBD meets all these criteria. Our extraction method is Super Critical CO2.