Root Beer Float Comfort Tincture 900mg CBD/900mg CBG



Full Spectrum Terpene Blend

900mg CBD/900mg CBG in 30ml (1oz) Bottle
30mg CBD & 30mg CBG in One Serving (1 dropper or 1ml)

Contains equal amounts of the cannabinoids CBD (Cannabidiol) & CBG (Cannabigerol) which both possess potent anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, & analgesic (pain relief) properties, giving you a double shot of stress and pain relief.

Also contains higher amounts of the terpenes Myrcene & Linalool. Myrcene produces an Indica effect which gives a sedative, anti-anxiety effect leading to a sense of tranquility. Other reported health benefits include reduced inflammation & pain. Linalool, one of the oldest known sedatives, provides very strong sedative & muscle relaxing properties leading to decreased stress & anxiety.

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